Dear opportunist,

Thank you for being a part of the revolution that empower the Digital thus Developed India.


Everyone wants to earn money, but only fortunates get the chance to achieve their dreams. Feel good because you are few among all.

We are providing you an open opportunity to earn easy money in a pertinent way.

Our motto is to add and improve management quality of informal economic sectors, their efficient monitoring of progress and performance, technological infrastructure, at a cost which is worth for every section of the society.

“Earn money by empowering others”

Yes you read it clearly. It’s a form of social work, but not that traditional format of work that is opulent’s cup of tea. Here you help yourself by helping others. You are leveling the entrepreneurs how run their business in a conventional way, with the modern society. Adoption of latest technologies has contributed significantly in building a modern and inclusive nation. All the pillars that support the socio-economic development of country should reform their culture to make its pace with the binary movement.


So, here is the way to achieve the self and social growth. We as TERETE Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. have developed an innovative Restaurant POS that is like a boon for young restaurant owners. Munshi is a kind of restaurant POS software that is mobile competent. Anyone who has android mobile is eligible for this software. As per the SMERGERS report of 2017, there are 1.5 million fragmented eatery outlets in India with the annual turnover of 75,000 crores, growing at the annual rate of 7%. But the big surprise is out of this 1.5 million, 86% of outlet doing 64,500 Crore of business are UNORGANISED.

Such a giant market is either unaware with the latest technology or don’t want to be on right track due to their unchanged way of working. Traditional methods of “likha-padi” has its constrains as there is no proper records of any business affairs. 64,500 Crores are on paper, not on cloud.

So, it’s a fundamental responsibility is to bring this unorganised, traditional eatery market under the umbrella of Digital India.


Now, let me tell you how you can make money by helping the entrepreneurs. You just need to market the Munshi POS Mobile Software at your proximity. Your job is to explain the Digital India, benefits of Munshi, like how this application helps owners of restaurants in managing their business, maintaining all records, tracking the financial flow in a very professional way.

Basically, your prime responsibility is to sell Munshi application at subsidize rate to the restaurant owners, train them how to use the software and provide them Non-Technical support, as and when required. No additional hardware required to use this software. Munshi converts their android phone into a POS device.

On the sale of 10 Munshi Software, Rs.5000 will credit in your account. The target market of Munshi application is so big that if you work hard, you have the opportunity to earn Rs.5000 per day. It means if 100 restaurants from your influence purchase and download Munshi application in a month, then you will be awarded Rs.50, 000. If you work Pro. and manage to crack 300 restaurants, then you will receive the payment of Rs. 1,50,000 & you will be liable to get experience letter & certificate of excellence from TERETE Business Solutions.

There is another mode of earning through our Munshi. In this model, you don’t have to sell the software, just convince restaurant owners to download Munshi Application free from Play Store and start using it. You have to provide training and non technical support, as and when required.

For example, if the score of your restaurant is 100 in a month and each restaurant takes 50 orders using Munshi application, each day, then the total calculation of your 100 restaurants, as a whole, is 150,000 orders in a month. We give you, as royalty, 30 paisa per order, which means you will manage to get 150,000x0.30 = Rs.45, 000 per month. Your income will proportionally increase with the number of restaurant per month increase. The best part of this model of commerce is, This Income is Lifetime. Every month, you will receive the royalty of 30 paisa per order taken by the number of restaurants using Munshi App.